Friday, June 28, 2013

Federation's Extraordinary Board of Directors Wraps Up 2013

Left to right: Michael Sonduck, Theresa Dupuis, Ira Feinswog, Gary Shekter, Andy Ratner, Susan Shmalo, Jennifer Levitt, Claire Ellman, Jack Maizel, Terri Bignell, Andrea Oester, Steve Shulman, Lori Polin, Brian Tauber, Laura Tauber, Jeff Silberman, Caryn Viterbi, Jeff Deverett (Not Pictured: David Geffen, Gary Kornfeld, Jon Schneider, Judith Belinsky, Leigh Johnson, Simon Vainer, Stuart Starr, Tad Parzen, Todd Kirschen)
It was a bittersweet afternoon as Federation's Board of Directors held their final meeting for the 2013 fiscal year.  These extraordinary volunteers have spent countless hours guiding the direction of your Federation.  A HUGE toda raba to all of these amazing people - thank you for everything you've done to make Federation great!

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