Monday, July 1, 2013

Alan Viterbi to Chair JCRC Elected Officials Trip to Israel

This summer (July 21-28) the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) of the Jewish Federation of San Diego County will take a group of elected officials to Israel for an intensive educational seminar in order to advance understanding of Israel across key fields. Participants experience Israeli society, connect with their Israeli counterparts and learn about Israel’s extensive contributions in their fields.

Educational goals are nonpartisan and apolitical. We believe that Israel’s achievements, diversity, aspirations and challenges require no intermediary. They are best conveyed by Israeli policymakers, journalists, and governmental officials themselves in their own words. These seminars are challenging and promote dialogue, offering multiple perspectives on complex issues. We will also meet with Israeli Arabs and Palestinians.

This seminar will be customized, reflecting the professional interests and backgrounds of our elected officials. Participants will discuss and debate key foreign policy questions with Israeli leaders. They will hear a range of viewpoints and exchange knowledge on best practices in areas like immigration policy, environment, and counter-terrorism. Israel’s historic, religious, and archaeological sites are also an important component of the trip.

A visit to Sha’ar HaNegev and an opportunity to learn about the connection between the San Diego Federation and the work it supports in Israel will be a highlight of the trip.

The impact of this seminar will continue long after leaders return home, as they further their engagement with the local Jewish community; put their new networks, ideas, and understanding of Israel to work; and go on to shape public opinion and policy. Their interactions often result in presentations, published articles, interviews, and a demonstration of the knowledge of historical depth and analytical skills which reflect their enhanced understanding of Israel’s complexities

Jewish community leaders will join the trip to help develop and strengthen the bond with the Jewish community and with Israel. These community leaders are interested in and/or have some connection to shaping public policy, are willing and able to develop and sustain long term relationships with the elected officials and assist in finding opportunities within the community in which they can share their experiences.


  1. I would be interested in knowing which elected officials are being hosted by Federation. Keep up the good work.

    Thank you,

    Eric Whinston