Friday, January 30, 2015

Local Couple Returns to Auschwitz

Max and Rose Schindler on their wedding day and more recently. Photos courtesy of the Schindlers and ABC News.
Two Holocaust survivors and San Diego locals, Max and Rose Schindler, journeyed to Auschwitz Tuesday for the 70-year anniversary of the camp's liberation. The Schindlers returned to Poland to remember and honor the 1.1 million Jews who were ruthlessly murdered by the Nazis at the camp, including many of the family's relatives and friends.

Read more about this momentous occasion, and incredible tale of hope and survival below.

Click here to read full coverage of this amazing story from the Union Tribune, published Sunday.

Click here to read and to watch the Schindler's remarkable story that appeared on ABC 10 News on January 23.

Click here to read more about Rose Schindler's experience and to learn about the memorial ceremony, where more than 100 Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp survivors gathered last Tuesday.

Never forget.


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