Friday, January 30, 2015

Federation Welcomes Charlene Seidle and Bids Farewell to Marjory Kaplan

This year marks the start of an exciting transformation for the Jewish Community Foundation, which has been a pillar of the San Diego Jewish community since 1967. This year is also one of major transition for two remarkable women, Marjory Kaplan and Charlene Seidle, who have been leaders in our local Jewish community for more than two decades.

Marjory was appointed President and CEO of the Jewish Community Foundation (JCF) in 1994, and through her hard work, creativity, and leadership, she became instrumental in the growth of the organization, working to expand community impact and philanthropic outreach.

In 1994, JCF managed approximately $13 million in assets and annually granted only $1 million dollars to the community. Twenty years later, and thanks to Marjory’s dedication, JCF now facilitates $100 million dollars in grants on an annual basis, and manages over $300 million in assets. Last month, a major milestone was reached under Marjory’s leadership—JCF granted its billionth dollar, making San Diego history.

In addition to her financial impact, Marjory has worked to develop innovative programs, strengthen non-profits throughout San Diego and beyond, create intergenerational philanthropy programs, promote female leadership, and mentor future leaders. After twenty successful years and many accomplishments under her belt, Marjory retired at the end of January 2015. This year, the torch has officially been passed to Charlene Seidle, Former Executive Vice President of Leichtag Foundation.

Charlene began her career at the Foundation in 1997 as an intern while she pursued her undergraduate degree at UCSD. During this time she received mentorship from Marjory. In her distinguished career, Charlene has demonstrated leadership in both the Jewish and non-profit world of San Diego, with her reach extending beyond California. Charlene’s transformative work in the San Diego Jewish community includes the creation and implementation of Leichtag’s strategic framework; overseas grant making; and the creation of groundbreaking programs such as the North County Jewish Hub, Jerusalem Matching Grant Initiative, and Jewish Food Justice Fellowship.

Federation would like to sincerely thank Marjory for twenty years of excellence and dedicated service to our community. We are beyond thrilled to welcome Charlene and look forward to her positive impact at JCF. We have no doubt she will elevate the local and Jewish community while working to make San Diego, and the world, a better place.

L’hitraot, Marjory, and Bruchah haba’ah, Charlene.


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