Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Federation Innovation Grantee Tarbuton to Additional Grants in 2014

The Covenant Foundation will disburse $1.8 million in 2014 to organizations showing promise in a variety of Jewish educational settings, the foundation announced last week. Included in this prestigious list is the Nitzan Network, whose mission is to support the renewal of Jewish learning after school. The organization received a grant to further develop its growing national network. The TARBUTON is a proud member of the Nitzan Network and thanks all of its members and leaders for the support the network provides for professional development, mentorship and an umbrella for innovative non denominational Jewish after school programs.

The Tarbuton builds and unifies the San Diego Jewish community through Israeli cultural experiences. Through Israeli arts, music, and cultural events, the Tarbuton offers the local Israeli and American Jewish communities the opportunity to deepen their ties to Israel—and to each other. The Modern Hebrew programs provide life long paths to literacy and another means to connect to Israel. Classes for Youth and Adults are available, Jewish Holiday Celebrations and Israeli Plays and Shows.


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