Wednesday, February 13, 2013

San Diego Jewish Film Festival Opening Weekend Success

Young Jewish professionals gathered on Sunday afternoon for the annual FlixMix event, a social mixer held prior to the Film Festival screening of Dorfman, a film featuring actors Sarah Rue and Elliot Gould. This year’s FlixMix was hosted by CJC In the Mix and co-sponsored by YAD and JDC Entwine.

Shelley Neiman and Stacy Parselany, co-chairs of the Center for Jewish Culture’s (CJC) “In the Mix” program for Jews in their 20s, 30s, and 40s were excited to welcome so many new faces. “This is our fourth In the Mix: FlixMix, and every year we get bigger and have more film choic
es,” said Neiman. “Now [In the Mix] has a staff person, a full budget, and a full calendar of events, but the Film Festival is our anchor and a big draw.”

CJC In the Mix hosts cultural events, including an event at the Book Fair and a series called Taboo Talks, which has featured topics including Jews with tattoos. The next Taboo Talk is on Jews and pornography, looking at Jews who participate in the adult entertainment industry. The risqué topic may be too hot to handle for some, but it’s the perfect type of conversation to attract young Jews who may not typically attend Jewish sponsored events. Neiman expressed that every single event has a cultural angle of some sort, there are no parties without content. She event noted that In the Mix attracts all types, including couples and non-Jews. “It’s really important that people can bring their friends and everyone can feel comfortable,” Neiman said. Their very next event is Passover Secrets from the Shiksa in the Kitchen, featuring the blogger and Jew-by-choice Tori Avey.

People at the party were having a good time, noshing on vegetarian sandwiches and enjoying wine and beer. The candy bar was a stroke of brilliance, where people could fill bags with candy to enjoy during the film.

Carly Ezell and Margalit Rosenthal
“We’re thrilled to partner again with our long-standing friends and community partners the JCC and CJC,” commented Carly Ezell, the Federation’s YAD Program Manager. “It’s wonderful to see so many young adults interested in Jewish culture.” 

A new community partner this year was JDC Entwine, the new young adults division of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. Jonathon Goldstone, the West Coast Entwine programmer, emphasized how important it was to JDC in San Diego to partner on this event. “As Entwine, not only are we working to connect young adults to a global Jewish world, but also to their local Jewish community. It’s great to see them come out and bridge the generational divide by attending the Film Festival,” said Goldstone. “As recipients of Leichtag Foundation grants, it is great to be a part of other Leichtag endeavors [like the Film Festival.] The Foundation is truly working to establish San Diego as a place to be for young Jews.”

YAD San Diegans with Gary Hellerstein. one of the Producers of "Dorfman",
Ilene Tatro, CJC Program Manager, is responsible for In the Mix, among other CJC programs. She explained that the In the Mix committee screened multiple potential films before voting on Dorfman, which will have a wider release later in the year under the title Dorfman in Love. “This is the only time the film is playing during the Festival,” she noted, “we’re responsible for this film having a screening here in San Diego, and it is the best selling film in the whole Festival.” Indeed, Dorfman, which screened in three separate theaters at the Clairemont Reading, was sold out earlier in the week.

Yashar Koach to CJC In the Mix, YAD, and JDC Entwine on a fantastic community partnership and spectacular showing at the San Diego Film Festival!


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