Saturday, February 2, 2013

Film Premiere: A Day in the Negev - February 10

A Day in the Negev provides an opportunity to examine life and events in San Diego's sister city, Sha'ar HaNegev, located in the southern region of Israel. You will meet distinguished visiting guests from the Negev and see the work of film students at Sapir College. The films we have selected to exhibit were culled from more than 30 shorts created by these students and screened at Cinema South film festival. The students were challenged to give creative shape to everyday life as it is experienced in their region. We know you will find a connection between our community and theirs through
this cinematic bridge.

Special Guests:
Dr. Avner Faingulernt 
School of Audio and Video Arts
Chair of Sapir College
Founder of Cinema South Festival

Mr. Evgeny Uretsky
Film Student of Sapir College

MOVIE TICKETS: Or Call 858.362.1348


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