Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Women's Philanthropy Shares Seacrest Shabbat

Members of the Women’s Philanthropy board, accompanied by local children happy to perform a mitzvah, travelled to Seacrest Village for a pre-Shabbat visit with a number of enthusiastic residents. Women’s Philanthropy Social Action Committee co-chairs Samantha Cohen and Belinda Feldman organized the event, and were accompanied by Women’s Philanthropy Major Gifts Officer Debbie Kempinski.

The group brought the Seacreast residents Shabbat cards made by children of Women’s Philanthropy board members. The visit was highlighted by Shabbat songs played by talented student guitarists. The visitors also had the privilege of joining the residents in reciting the Shabbat blessings. The Seacrest residents were delighted to host the group, and greatly appreciated the visit. As one commented, “I loved sharing the Shabbat blessings with these wonderful people. This is exactly how I raised my children!”

As leaders of Women's Philanthropy, which supports and enhances Jewish community life through fundraising and educational and outreach programs, the program was a meaningful extension of the critical work of this Federation group.

For over 50 years, San Diego Jewish women have worked together to preserve and enrich our community's Jewish culture and heritage. We celebrate our traditions, explore our history and educate our community through a variety of volunteer opportunities. Our myriad efforts have a profound impact on the future of the Jewish community not only here in San Diego, but in Israel and around the globe. 

We invite you to join us in an environment where every Jewish woman can enrich and strengthen her identity as a woman and a Jew and help make a difference in our world.

At a time when apathy and assimilation threaten us, we invite you to join the thousands of Jewish women who are leading by example.

For more information about Women’s Philanthropy, contact Deena Libman at 858.737.7131 or


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