Friday, October 26, 2012

Federation Connects Young Adults to High Holiday Worship

Through Federation’s 2030 Project and Young AdultDivision (YAD) over 90 Jewish 20s and 30s purchased discounted high holiday tickets to San Diego area synagogues.  Twelve synagogues participated in this effort to engage these young adults in Jewish life.

“The goal is to lower barriers of participation in Jewish life for young people.  Many don’t have synagogue memberships but want a spiritual experience for the holidays.  By offering tickets at a discount they can see the value of synagogue connection without having to make a significant financial commitment.”  said Rabbi Janice Elster, 2030 Project Manager.  “Since over half of the participants were new to the program this year we know we are continuing to meet a need and that there are more young adults out there who want to find connection.  We hope to expand it in future years.”
Tim and Rachel Kitt

Rachel, age 29, said the following:As young adults, not ready to commit to one synagogue, or able to afford a year’s membership, the discount ticket program allows my husband and I to fulfill the most sacred Jewish obligation. Without this wonderful program, we would have to choose between traveling far to join other family at their non-San Diego synagogue, or not be able to attend at all. This program builds Jewish community as it allows for an easy access point for young adults to be involved in San Diego.”

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