Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Amsterdam Pastor Leads Jewish Solidarity Campaign

On April 21, The Jerusalem Post published an article titled “Israeli Flags Fly High in Amsterdam as part of Solidarity Campaign,” written by Michelle Malka Grossman. The article discusses the European Jewish Association’s (EJA) new solidarity campaign to fight anti-Semitism in Europe and highlights one Pastor’s journey as he leads the charge in the streets of Amsterdam.

EJA’s solidarity campaign calls on non-Jewish Europeans to wear Jewish symbols and film themselves walking down the street to show their opposition to rising Anti-Semitism, and that is exactly what Pastor Stan Kamps set out to do.

“The idea is to get an many non-Jews as possible to wear Jewish symbols and show solidarity and that they are a part of the silent majority that is not anti-Semitic,” said Pastor Stan Kamps. “ The idea is to do like the ice bucket challenge and get thousands to publish the videos on Facebook and Twitter.”

Kamps has a deep-rooted family history when it comes to standing up for Jews in Europe. In the article, Kamps recalls his uncle and father being arrested by the Nazis for hiding Jews in their country farm. Kamp was inspired to join the campaign after reading a Jerusalem Post article about anti-Semitism faced by Holland’s Chief Rabbi, where he learned that in the past few years it has become commonplace for people on the street to yell anti-Semitic terms at the Rabbi and other Jewish community members.

“I hope this will encourage others to stand up for our Jewish neighbors and for Israel,” said Kamps. “ It has to start somewhere and I know that with God’s help we can make a difference. I say let it start with me. So many people believe the lies and the propaganda they are being fed about Israel. This is why I go out with my Israeli flag, to encourage Jewish and Israeli people, and to speak with others [who] will listen about the truth in regards to Israel.”

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