Thursday, July 24, 2014

PRIDE Seder with Rabbi Laurie Coskey

During PRIDE week, members of the LGBTQ community joined with allies and family to celebrate the First LGBTQ Pride Freedom Seder at the beautiful Banker’s Hill home of Bruce M. Abrams organized by Rabbi Laurie Coskey, Judi Schaim and Bruce Abrams.

The Seder followed the model of Seders held annually for the past decade in San Francisco and New York City. Some elements of the Seder were familiar to the participants like the Seder Plates though they were filled with new symbolic items including: exotic fruits, rainbow candles, bricks and stones, bundles of sticks, pink triangles, and rainbow ribbons. Attendees drank four glasses of water symbolizing that water is the source of life and in solidarity with those in recovery.

Just as at the traditional Passover the journey from oppression to freedom retold, at the Pride Freedom Seder, the story was told of the continuing Exodus from exclusion and oppression of LGBTQ individuals and communities and their journey toward freedom, equality, and inclusion. As the history of the LGBTQ community was brought to life through the Haggadah and the questions were asked and answered, the Seder participants came together as people, Jews and non-Jews, LGBTQ and allies, in transcendent moments of memory, victory, blessing, and hope.


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