Tuesday, May 6, 2014

JCF Presents: Jewish Teen Foundation!


The Jewish Community Foundation is excited to announce the pilot year of the Jewish Teen Foundation.

The Jewish Community Foundation has a proud 17-year history of working with teens to develop skills in effective philanthropy. Now, as part of an international initiative with Jewish Teen Funders Network and Laura Lauder, the Foundation is offering 25 San Diego Jewish high school teens the opportunity to participate in an academic year-long program dedicated to philanthropy. Teens will be selected through a competitive application process. This program will begin October 2014 and run through June 2015. Read more

✔ Become "Program Officers" for the Jewish Teen Foundation. 
✔ Learn how philanthropy and nonprofits make a difference in the world.  
✔ Develop leadership skills and hands-on philanthropic experience.  
✔ Raise and allocate significant funds to excellent nonprofits.  
✔ Connect philanthropy with their Jewish values.  
The Foundation will provide a startup fund balance of $5,000.

Teens entering 9th - 12th grades can apply here before May 16 to secure an interview.
Philanthropy Leadership Training Institute: June 16 - 20

Is your teen looking for a meaningful experience this summer? Check out this summer's 

If you have questions about our youth philanthropy programs, please email Darren Schwartz, Philanthropy Officer, or call 858-279-2740.

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