Thursday, March 13, 2014

Famed Arab-Israeli Scientist Talks Cancer Research, Multicultural Collaboration

A crowd of eager listeners gathered to hear renowned Arab-Israeli scientist Dr. Amal Ayoub speak about the promising successes of her cancer research Thursday, March 6 at Rady Sky Pavilion at UCSD in San Diego.
The event, hosted by The Jewish Federation of San Diego County, in conjunction with Rady School of Management, offered guests a glimpse into the Dr. Ayoub’s exciting new start-up – Metallo Therapy and the story of its founding.
“Metallo Therapy is a unique company. We use tiny particles that are made of gold that (once introduced into the bloodstream) can locate tumor cells for detection and then assist in destroying the tumor cell,” Dr. Ayoub told the crowd.
Ayoub’s pioneering research is in the preclinical trials phase and has already garnered worldwide attention thanks to the efforts of NGT or Next Generation Technology – a medical and life sciences business incubator funded by the Israeli Chief Scientist’s Office and a group of international investors aimed at advancing the achievements of Arab-Jewish scientists and entrepreneurs in the early stages of their business development.
Doctor Ayoub Presenting
NGT founder Gary Jacobs of Jacobs Investments, LLC based in San Diego told the audience that Ayoub’s critical advancements in cancer research are an example of the kind of vigorous entrepreneurship that thrives within Israel and the NGT business incubator model.
“Of course, all of NGT’s portfolio companies are looking for a financial return, but we also are looking for a social return of collaboration between the Arab and Jewish cultures. If we want the Israeli economy to grow, the Arab sector has to be involved,” Jacobs said.
Jacobs shared that Metallo Therapy is just one portfolio company to have been successfully supported by NGT in its early stage development. That support included establishing a board of trustees and business plan, as well as providing lab and office space and accounting services.
While Metallo Therapy has completed its term within the business incubator, Jacobs noted that Next Generation Technology’s follow-up NGTį¶¾ has added four new portfolio companies that include two male and two female entrepreneurs from both Arab and Jewish communities in Israel.
Host and Jewish Federation of San Diego County president Michael Sonduck praised Jacobs’ commitment to bringing diverse cultures together and noted the organization’s shared desire to “foster dynamic connections to Israel.”
For now, Dr. Ayoub said the next phase of her research now depends upon the support investors.
“We must determine if the gold particles stay in the body and that it will not cause a negative effect. It is the most complicated aspect of the study -- eliminating the gold from the body -- but it needs the money,” Dr. Ayoub said.
Ayoub said that her ground-breaking work targets liver, lung, pancreatic and prostate cancers.
She reiterated the importance of a spirited a collaboration between business professionals, scientists educators and students.


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