Friday, January 18, 2013

Your Dollars Make the Difference - Israel Terror Relief Report

The Jewish People respond in times of crisis. The moment that Israel’s Operation Pillar of Defense was launched seven weeks ago, Federations from across North American rallied together to create an Israel Terror Relief Fund (ITRF) of $5,000,000, including over $50,000 donated from our incredible community. Seven weeks ago, the crisis was crippling Israel’s South, holding its citizens under siege and causing untold harm, in particular to vulnerable populations. This immediate and generous response funded programs across the impacted region bringing help and hope to thousands of Israelis while garnering praise for the collective work of our Federations. 

In partnership with JFNA, we are pleased to provide you with detailed material about the allocation process and the programs that were funded. You can read about those programs here.

Among the resources provided, you will find an overview of the process, documents outlining the various rounds of allocations, specific grant amounts, grantee details, program descriptions, and geographical locations in which programs were implemented. Our commitment to transparency and efficient use of your donation is paramount; we hope that you, our generous donors, will find this information interesting and useful. After all, it is YOU who made it all possible.

We are truly proud and inspired anew by our system’s efficient and effective response, and by the awesome response of our community. Together, WE can do extraordinary things.

Let us hope that our emergency protocols will not be activated again for a long time to come.


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