Friday, September 7, 2012

Israel Plays Ball: San Diegan Brad Ausmus Hired as Team Israel Manager!

For the first time in history, Israel has been invited to be a contender in the World Baseball Classic (WBC). Under WBC rules, any team member can represent a country if the team member or parent is eligible to become a citizen of that country. Israel's Law of Return grants citizenship to a team member if the team member has a Jewish parent or grand-parent. As a result, Jewish American Major and Minor League players are eligible to compete for Team Israel.

Brad Ausmus, San Diego Padre Special Assistant, 1999 All-Star, and former Major League San Diego Padre catcher has been selected to lead as Team Israel Manager. Shawn Green, the best Jewish player since Sandy Koufax, will be player/hitting coach and Gabe Kapler will be player/bench coach. Team Israel will compete against South Africa in Jupiter Florida on September 19 and against France or Spain on September 21.

Read more in the Del Mar Times.

Written by community member Sara Appel-Lennon


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