Sunday, August 19, 2012

Kathy Manning on the JFNA Global Planning Table

This morning, two separate bloggers posted pieces about the Global Planning Table. Both make a range of allegations about the GPT specifically, and JFNA generally. 

The first piece is on the website Arutz Sheva:

JFNA and several Federations have already issued clear and consistent statements refuting various ill-informed and malicious charges about the GPT ( and The central accusation is that the word Zionism was removed from a GPT document. That is completely false. There was a discussion in a GPT subcommittee about language for a subcommittee vision statement. No final decision was reached. No document was created. The notion that a GPT document was issued is simply wrong. The allegation that JFNA and Federations are moving away from Zionism and Israel couldn’t be further from the truth. 
Kathy Manning, Chair, JFNA Board of Trustees

Zionism is a core value of JFNA and Jewish Federations. As Zionists we will always care for Israel, in action and deed. Motivated by those deeply held values, we embarked on an ambitious, bold and challenging path with the GPT, to generate broad new engagement and meet growing global Jewish needs in Israel and around the world. 

We at the Jewish Federations recognize that change threatens those who wish to maintain the status quo. Nevertheless, Federations understand that we must evolve and grow in order to strengthen our community in Israel and around the world for generations to come. From that mission, we will not be deterred.

- Kathy Manning, chair, JFNA Board of Trustees


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