Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Video Update: Your Gift Helped Send these Kids to Jewish Camp

There are countless studies which show Jewish overnight summer camp having lasting effects on campers, however, none have been as comprehensive as the new study out by the Foundation for Jewish camp, which clearly identifies Jewish overnight camp as a setting that proves to inspire a lifelong commitment to Jewish life.

The study found that adults who were campers are 37% more likely to light Shabbat candles and 10% more likely to marry a Jewish partner. They are also 26% more likely to be members of a synagogue. Recognizing these strong connections between attending camp and becoming an active member of our Jewish community was the driving force to bring the One Happy Camper program to San Diego.

This year, Federation's One Happy Camper program provided grants for 160 kids to attend Jewish Camp, 33% more than last year! We also provided more than $50,000 in needs based scholorship directly for Camp Mountain Chai.  Your Federation dollars at work - providing these kids an opportunity to connect to their Jewish heritage, build our community, and change their lives. Thank you for making a world of difference for these local kids.

Below, see some great videos of some of our One Happy Camper participants who are at Camp Mountail Chai this week, and see the incredible impact camp is having on their lives.

Read more about Federation's One Happy Camper Program here.


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