Monday, June 4, 2012

Women's Philanthropy Installs New Board

Women's Philanthropy Board Chair Laura Tauber
The Jewish Federation of San Diego County's Women's Philanthropy installed a new board at the beautiful home of Alexandra Hirschhorn.  Board Chair Laura Tauber lead the installation and saluted the accomplishments of exiting board members, who collectively had served for 66 years.

The Women's Philanthropy Board welcomed eight new members representing a diverse group, of rich and varied backgrounds, who are all tremendously accomplished and committed to the mission of Federation.

The Federation's Interim President and CEO, Michael Sonduck, addressed the group and thanked them for their great achievements and generosity.

The group welcomed special guest speaker Rabbi Lenore Bohm, who spoke about the special responsibilities and obligations of leaders. She urged the women to be generous with their financial resources as well as resources of the heart.  Additionally, Bohm discussed the importance of their support for Federation, as well as for one another.

The 2012 - 2013 Women's Philanthropy Board
Bolded Names Indicates New Additions

Juli Bear                    Terri Bignell                    Stacie Bresler-Reinstein    Silvana Christy           
Samantha Cohen   Karen DePodesta       Theresa Dupuis                     Jessica Effress 
Britney Ewing         Leslie Fastlicht Russo   Belinda Feldman                   Gina Guertin           
Naomi Harris             Alexandra Hirschhorn    Marsha Janger                       Karen Jinich 
Leigh Johnson          Maya Kanarek              Karen Kogut                           Lisa Kornfeld 
Meg Mandel              Sivia Mann                       Danielle Miller                        Rebecca Newman 
Olivia Okovita            Lori Polin                         Laura Roselinsky                   Robyn Schuster 
Susan Shmalo          Laura Tauber                   Ilana Umansky                         Laura Vainer 
Jacqueline Woolf 

Olivia Okovita, Naomi HarrisStacie Bresler-Reinstein, Lisa Haney

Olivia Okovita, Leslie Fastlicht Russo, Ilana Umansky


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